Living a Eucharist Centered Life

At the Second Vatican Council, the Fathers of the Council authored a document entitled The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, or Lumen Gentium. It’s teaching: “The Eucharist is “the source and summit of the Christian life” would be…

Prayer to the Blessed Host

From the Diary of Saint Maria Faustinia Kowalska (Paragraph 1811)

The message of Divine Mercy comes into our hearts and then we can pray…

Love of Neighbor

“The authentic sense of the Eucharist becomes of itself the school of active love for one’s neighbor.” Dominicae Cenae, Paragraph 6.

Zoom Gatherings

Singles of the Eucharist will come together over Zoom to share, thoughts, prayers, reflections, and ideas for working toward individual holiness and assisting others through works of Mercy.